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operation of aircrafts and helicopters


NUTAERO is providing a wide range of services to private aircraft owners.

Why choose NUTAERO as your aircraft management company? — Everyone’s travel requirements are unique and there are many factors the Customer will consider while choosing the service provider.

  • Our customers can rest assured that they will enjoy the benefits of owing the aircraft while all the routine day-to-day responsibilities of aircraft ownership are well taken care of.
  • Russian and English speaking dispatch place YOU just one call away from flying your aircraft anytime and wherever YOU wish.
  • We will eliminate all hassles associated with flying and YOU will travel in an environment of peace and luxury, using your time on the aircraft productively or just sitting back and relaxing.
  • We perform 24/7 dispatch flight coordination and planning.
  • We place priority on flight safety and have adopted a Safety Management System and Quality Management throughout all the stages of the operation.
  • YOU should never worry about any human resources functions choosing the right people for your crew, hiring and training — all is done by us, YOU just give us your final approval over your aircraft crew.
  • Our pilots receive advanced simulator training twice a year.
  • The aircraft in our managements are continuously monitored by a team of skilled engineers who ensure compliance with aircraft approved maintenance program and minimize downtime.
  • We offer the Registers that suit best our customer needs.
  • We are attuned to the aircraft Owners financial requirements. Our accounting team will take the load of aircraft financial management from YOU, tailoring the statements and reports to suit your needs.
  • Our clients can maximize the earning potential of their aircraft and turn the assets into revenue by chartering their jets through our charter service division.